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School Life App

Monitoring and receiving information about their children's learning progress at school are some of parents' expectations. With the hope to satisfy the parents' needs, this application is built. It is aimed to help schools to deliver information as well as help parents to monitor their children's learning progress.

This application gives access to parents to monitor their children's learning progress, to check schedules, to communicate with teachers as well as to see some of the activities that their children do at school.


Features Available

School Menu

This menu consists of three sections: Calendar, Announcements, News

Consists of a monthly calendar showing students' monthly assignments and tests and a yearly calendar showing school's schedule in a year

The school announcement can be found in this Announcement section

Parents can get up to date news about the school in News section

School Page
Student Page

Student Menu

This menu provides parents with students' attendace, score, schedule, progress, and also teachers' comments

Parents can check their children's daily attendace in the Attendance section

Score section shows the scores of students' monthly tests, overall assignments, exams

Schedule section displays students' class schedule

In the Progress section parents can see a graph showing their childrens' learning progress

Whenever a teacher posts a comment on their children's progress, Parents can see it in the Teachers' Comments section

Teacher Menu

This menu shows all the teachers at school

Parents can see the teachers' profiles and a form is available for them to communicate with the teachers

Teacher Page


Students' Activities

Media Page

Photos & Videos

Photos and videos showing school and class activities are available in this menu

Media Page


Should you have any queries or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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